Who am I ?!

Hi!! A lil’ bit bout myself…

Sorta Wacky, crazy and very impulsive.

I am trying to become more responsible towards my job and other priorities in life! :)
A B.Sc. Statistics major who at one point loved calculations, formulas and all other collection of data.. I still love what I studied… but somehow down the lane, I knew I always had an inclination towards Literature and Social Service. And as a matter of fact right from my college days I have been working on that aspect.
Working on creative activities gives me a high!
The same goes for painting. I am not an artist but I like to paint. The brush and the colours are a medium to make the world a better place with all it’s cheerfulness and joy!
Besides that, I love travelling, stamp collecting and cycling. The most recent entry is Photography. :)
There are tons of unexplored avenues and hoping to achieve that in the years to come!

Welcome aboard…

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