Rome was not built in a day…

The view outside the window from Peter-Pan restaurant. After the long 9 hour flight we arrived at the Rome Fiumicino Airport. There were buses waiting outside to take us to the hotel. It was a long drive to the hotel and after stacking our bags in another vehicle we headed to Hotel Metro for dinner.

Yummy pasta with tomato sauce. In the picture above are Priyanka and Elaine enjoying the hot meal. The people at Metro were indeed very courteous and made sure we munched on those delicious apples and pears after dinner.  :) :)

Two among the most vibrant and happiest youth on the trip. Full of life and fun-loving. Pearl and Erica.

The best part about the entire pilgrimage was the freedom of living those 18days as responsible adults without anyone hovering over your plans all the time. After the awesome dinner we walked back to Peter-Pan which was good in a way since we could digest the huge meal.

I had a tough time receiving calls from India as the card that I had taken from Matrix seemed to be giving me a tough time for unknown reasons. I wasn’t able to speak to Mum and hence i woke up early in the morning the next day and decided to look around the place. Luckily Estella was awake too. Estella and me looked around the place but to no avail. Finally we visited a near by coffee shop just like that and ended up sipping on some really nice strong coffee.

Every morning at Peter-Pan all the delegates were given breakfast which included   cornflakes, milk and croissants. A good meal to get us going. After breakfast we were divided into groups and proceeded for sight seeing. Considering the fact that the hotel accomodated almost 150 of us, every morning before heading out the entire place used to resound with laughter, arguments, stupid jokes, awesome PJ’s (missing you Nalini) discussions, etc etc.

The feeling had not yet sunk in. I was still waiting for the wow!! feeling to hit me like yes I was in Rome and few days would be on my way to Spain for the World youth Day. But well then as the day progressed we had a couple of things lined up for us. The first thing on the schedule was the visit to St. Peter’s Basilica.


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