India is my country, Paris is my love…

  After an awesome experience at the World Youth Day we headed towards France for a couple of Days. Standing here with a group of friends outside Notre Dame. It is known as Notre Dame de Paris i.e. Our Lady Of Paris. One of the most beautiful expression of Gothic architecture. I remember reading it in my history books during school days. We had a project to be submitted as part of our French language assignments. That’s when French History actually hit me like crazy and I fell in love head over heels with the historical, cultural and religious aspects of France. A long cherished dream to visit the country of my dreams came true. I must have not felt the same joy when I touched Spanish soil that I felt when I kissed the air in France. Living in Spain had it’s own awesomeness attached but France to me is more like a chocolate that you can savor till the very end and yet have the tangling flavor not leave you like for a very very long time.

The west front of the cathedral is one of its most notable features, with its two tall towers. The South Tower houses the cathedral’s famous bell, “Emmanuel.” The bell is Notre-Dame’s oldest, having been recast in 1631. As we entered the Cathedral (The entry was free) we witnessed one of the most solemn adoration services in progress. With candles lit on either side, the effect of the stained glass windows was simply beautiful. No doubt these window are indeed a symbol of Gothic architecture and art.


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