Castellserà… An enchanting journey…

Castellsera- a city unknown to us till we set foot on its soil and now the memories form an integral part of our lives. As part of the World Youth Day celebrations we spent our days in the dioceses in this beautiful city with the most amazing people who hosted us in their families with a generous heart. I consider myself lucky to be part of the 25 selected youth who got an opportunity to learn, share and discover a new culture duting those 5days. Since my name was included in that list a couple of days prior to the event, I wasn’t allocated a family prior to arrival. Later that day we all would meeting anyways for a dinner and welcome party at the stadium cum sports centre. It was about 1 in the afternoon and as we dragged our bags from the bus right up to the parish office we were greeted with heart warming smiles. The volunteers in orange WYD tees pleasantly gave us the registration forms which we had to fill up. There was this huge tray filled with fresh, red apples for us. Healthy food for our growling stomachs. After the registration we had time to kill till each one of us would go to their respective host families. We walked down the street which lay quiet at that hour as all the shops were closed since it was siesta time.

After exploring the place for some we sat down to discuss about the presentation by the Indian group for the inagural party. We divided ourselves into three groups.The song that we selected was ” Bombay meri hai”. An old classic song with an upbeat tune. The other group planned to dance to the tunes of Senorita from the movie Zindagi Milegi na doobara. As we were in the midst of our discussion under the shady trees, we were greeted by the group from Slovakia who too would be staying with us in Castellsera. They were led by Juraj, a chirpy young boy who greeted us with a namaste.They belonged to this group called eRko which was created in 1990 after the fall of communism in Slovakia.Their aim to walk through the path of life and to discover the Gospel in everyday life.


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