“Mother Mary” A symbol of heroism in simplicity.

The definition of Hero is: one of distinguished courage or ability, admired for the brave deeds done and noble qualities possessed. In this context we can bring to mind numerous kinds of super heroes possessing various powers to either change the world and make it a better place or teach the evil ones a lesson. In both ways the hero is definitely creating an identity of a brave and determined individual which under any circumstances always emerges as the victor. There are many sacrifices noted down the line and shortcomings as well but their strong will power and final aim keeps them rooted to the cause.

As we celebrate the feast of the Nativity of Our Blessed Mother Mary, we thank her for the sacrifices she endured and helped us come closer to Jesus. She indeed is a symbol of Heroism which cannot go unnoticed. The act of this simple village girl, who said yes to the message of God sent via angel Gabriel to become the mother of Jesus, explains the quality of a true Hero. It wasn’t an easy task for her to follow the path that God had planned but yet through her continual exercise of patience she believed in the Word of God. Amongst tribulations the Blessed Virgin grew just like a rose grows amongst thorns. She accepted and pondered over the mission entrusted to Her and in all her might made sure that she fulfilled her duties not only a mother to Jesus but a Blessed Mother to the entire flock.

She was the first to believe and first to be redeemed as the preeminent member of the Church. In the light of the fullness of graces bestowed upon her, she reflected the very image of God the Father. She showed through her faithful obedience to God and His laws that she truly loved God as her Father. As Mother of the Church and its preeminent member, she shows the rest of us how to follow her Son more closely.

At the foot of the cross as Jesus suffered for the sins of the entire world and also to fulfil God’s Word, Mother Mary stood there bearing witness to the ordeal, pain and sacrifice of her only beloved son. As a mother her heart did wrench each time the whip lashed against the flesh of Jesus, she did shed tears at the sight of the blood dripping all over from Jesus’ body and the sight of the thorns piercing onto His head could have made her faint. Yet as a woman of strength and courage, she endured it all though she knew that the Son of God was being put to trial under the most severe conditions. Jesus suffered the pain and tribulations only to save the world and His Mother stood by him always. Therefore in all her simplicity by the life she led, Mother Mary is indeed a role model for the women of every generation, displaying heroic values, through her virtue of humility, prudence, faithfulness, obedience and purity.

Mother Mary through simple words and deeds wants us to follow her footsteps as we conquer all odds in this materialistic world. We don’t need a magic wand to erase all suffering from this world but small deeds of kindness, love and charity can surely go a long way. We know that following the virtues of Our Lady enables us to deepen our love for Christ Jesus. May this season of Nativity of Our Blessed Mother Mary, encompass us with divine blessings as we spread cheer and happiness.


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