I need a cup of coffee… make it two…

Scene: You are all dressed & dolled up, ready to face the camouflaged falcons with an upbeat spirit. next While you’re rushing to catch the train, a beggar woman, probably in her early twenties, tall and well-built, keeps nudging you for some money, what do you do? Well, I ignored her once, twice but the third time I snapped. Couldn’t help telling her if she has the hands and legs she might as well go find a job. Sorry but I don’t believe in charity and especially alms-giving to someone who can surely fend for themselves is totally not acceptable!!

I reached office after an abrupt start but my work today was a cakewalk since I was in the team who were appointed for today, to update visa messages. It was a serious breather from answering passenger queries, making reservations and dealing with difficult passengers. P.S. I love my job when it comes to conversing with enthusiastic travellers who take life with a pinch of salt.

But as luck would have it, my day had to end on a tense note. Not exactly tense, tense but rather irritated. I don’t like taking a rickshaw from the station to home since rickshaws drivers are the biggest thieves in Mumbai! Managed to get into a fairly empty bus which gradually picked up pace and the number of occupants. Now there are a certain number of seats reserved for ladies, disabled and elderly people. Two young girls unknowingly occupied the seats meant for elderly people. The lady seated next to me seemed to be on a mission that particularly aimed at liberation of men and hence after a long and deliberate battle, she ensured that those two girls got up, stood even though there were no old people waiting for the seat. Now this little dimwit allowed a young man to sit in that very seat though a little earlier an elderly gentleman boarded the bus. She yelled about her age, called every other person uncle and aunty, ranted about karma and disturbed me while I was listening to music. Though, I did tell Ms. Freaky Karma to offer the seat to the elderly man, she had the audacity to in turn tell me to do the needful. I wanted to avoid those crazy rickshaw drivers and now, I had to deal with one of the most absurd and nincompoop woman ever!! All I wanted her to realize is that yelling and being judgemental towards women wouldn’t really help and why I called her judgemental because she kept repeating that girls sit in the bus and talk to their boyfriend!! Good riddance to that crazy woman the moment I got off the bus!

I needed something to just relax and calm down and what better than a cup of coffee… ahh!! A good movie and cup of coffee… perfecto!!

That’s it from me folks…See you all later…




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