Coffee makes the world go round! So, basically I am running in circles right now after consuming truck loads of caffeine!! And, while I am running in circles, I can hear this song “Welcome to my life” by Simple Plan, playing in my head.

Do you ever feel like breaking down?

– Yes, I am broken waiting to be mended! 
Do you ever feel out of place,

– Every Time, every single minute. 
Like somehow you just don’t belong

– I need a hug. I want to feel belonged and loved. 
And no one understands you?

– The one who understood me is standing 1000 miles aways!! 
Do you ever wanna run away?

-Yes, right into your arms… 
Do you lock yourself in your room

– A room filled with memories of laughter and cheer!! 
With the radio on turned up so loud

– Who cares because no one can hear me cry! 
That no one hears you’re screaming?

So, it’s time for a closure… Yes, You’ve heard it right…

Cleared all personal accounts. Frozen all the past memories!!!


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